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In 1984, the BC chapter of the Congress of Black Women Canada was formed in Vancouver, BC and by 1992, the chapter evolved into its own registered non-profit organization. 

For over 35 years, The National Congress of Black Women Foundation (NCBWF) has been an instrumental link in connecting people Black community members that include but is not limited to people from Africa, the Caribbean, Canada and America.  The organization continues to promote and facilitate activities and programs that foster the advancement, recognition, health and education of female/female identifying people of African descent and their families.


The National Congress of Black Women Foundation recognizes equity, diversity, and inclusion as pillars of excellence which is crucial to maintaining healthy membership and communities. The NCBWF’s  core values are strengthened when all members have a voice and are encouraged to contribute.  

The NCBWF challenges and dismantles systems of oppression and racism by 

  • promoting social justice and diversity in all activities, 
  • addressing issues related to, but not limited to race, class, ethnicity, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, religion; and  
  • coordinating educational resources and opportunities for community members.

The organization works collaboratively to build and establish relationships with individual and institutional partners who share mutual goals and interests in promoting social justice.

“To be black and female, in a society which is both racist and sexist, is to be in a unique position of having nowhere to go but up.”

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