Feb 25

One of the most highly respected and beloved citizens of the City of North Vancouver. John Braithwaite has dedicated himself to the success of the City of North Vancouver and has made outstanding contributions to the community for more than three decades and with over 23 years in elected office. Named after him is the John Braithwaite Centre located at 145 W 1st St, North Vancouver, BC.

Feb 26

Take a 360

Celebrating Black History Month 2017 and the 25th Anniversary of National Congress of Black Women Foundation while honouring the legacy of the first elected Black officials to the BC Legislature:

  • Rosemary Brown
  • Emery Barnes


Feb 13

Missy D - Hip Hop/Rap/R&B Artist. She recently released her debut album “When Music Hits You Feel No Pain” with the lead single “Too Many Feelings” She is a blend of her mother's favorite groovy tunes and your family rap jams, some call it "Rap & Soul".

Oct 04


Oct 03

Black Dot Roots and Culture Collective in partnership with National Congresss of Black Women Foundation invite you to a screening of
AKWANTU: The Journey


Oct 02

Coast to Coast: Africville to Hogan's Alley

Featuring Poetry, Documentary Video Screenings and Discusion
with co-producer Dr. Valerie Mason-John and Horgan's Alley Poetry Festival
director Kevon Anthony Cameron

Apr 20

Rosemary was a distinguished social worker, a politician, an author, a media personality, an academic, a feminist, and a loving mother and grandmother. She was bestowed with 16 honourary Doctorates from Canadian universities and was a member of the Privy Council, the Order of Canada, the Order of BC, and the Order of Jamaica.

Feb 01

February is Black History Month; the celebration of African Canadian experience and achievement in Canada.

Jul 25

Caribbean Days Festival isn't just a picnic in a park.. it's the cornerstone of an entire Summer Series of Events presented by the Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of B.C. Here's what the complete lineup looks like:

May 08

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